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The History of Thor

Thor lived his early days in a magical realm called Asgard, and was the son of the mighty and powerful Odin, lord of the Asgardian gods. Odin desired to have a baby boy who would develop extreme powers that would exceed Odin’s in order to become the greatest warrior who ever lived. Between the union of Odin and and Gaea, Thor was born in Norway.

Thor had an adopted brother, Loki, who he grew up with as a young boy. Loki was always jealous of Thor, as he was often more favored by his father for his strength and talents. As Thor grew into a young man, his incredible strength and popularity prompted his father to give him the enchanted and powerfully magical hammer, ‘Mjolnir’, that would provide Thor with some amazing powers as he ventured as a warrior.

Thor would have to prove to his father that is is indeed a mighty warrior, after which his father Odin would then hand over the magical hammer and declare that Thor was the greatest warrior in Asgard.

Teaching Humility

Thor’s father believed that Thor needed to learn humility, and as such, he placed Thor in the body and mind of a partially disable medical student by the name of Donald Blake. Thor had no recollection of his godhood. After becoming a doctor, Blake was discovered by an alien scouting party, and as such, he goes into hiding into a cave. Once Thor discovered his magic hammer, and thrusts it against a rock, after which he then transforms into the thunder god.

The Avengers

Once the aliens were defeated, Thor lived a life of both his alter ego treating ill and injured patients with another nurse, and defending the public from the dangers of evil villains. Once Loki discovered Loki’s presence, he immediately went to earth in attempts to defeat his brother Thor. Three of Thor’s main enemies – the Absorbing Man, the Wrecker and the Destroyer – were the result of Loki’s actions. However, Loki’s error in using an illusion of the Hulk to attract Thor into battle unknowingly resulted in the creation of the Avengers, of which Thor was a founding member.

Loki kept Thor quite busy with battle, getting him involved in numerous altercations with a variety of foes. Many times this would keep him away from the Avengers. Eventually Thor would meet and become friends with the greek god Hercules, whom which he would save from the wrath of Pluto. Loki’s attempts at destroying Thor were futile, and Thor came out victorious every time. Thor eventually returns to Asgard to help prevent the destruction of the universe.

Thor has become yet another classic superhero with a vivid history and intriguing background. His incredible strength and fortitude have made him a lasting icon on the minds of superhero fanatics. Below is a list of places where you can find classic Thor memorabilia.

Where to Buy Thor Comics and Memorabilia


This classic Thor #132 comic book initially published in 1966, entitled, “Where Gods May Fear To Tread”, is available for $27 at It is in fine shape, with firm staples on the bind, and only a few minor creases. Overall it is in great shape, and would make a wonderful piece to add to any Thor comic book collection.





Marvel’s Essentials Thor, Vol. 1, entitled, “Journey Into Mystery”, is available at for $13.70.  This paperback comic consists of 536 pages of vivid color illustrations, as well as an intriguing plot and story. It’s in great condition, which makes it ideal for a Thor enthusiast’s comic book collection.




This Marvel Select Classic Thor Action Figure costs $22.50 at the Disney Store.  From Asgard to earth, this classic Thor action figure would make an awesome addition to your Thor collection. Thor is depicted in his classic and iconic costume with this figurine. This figure has 16 points of articulation, and is finely sculpted with subtle paint effects.


Line your comic collection’s room with this Thor Retro Poster, available at for $12.99. This durable tin sign is lightweight and simple to hang anywhere. This tin sign would make a fabulous addition to any room, with its timeless shapes and designs.





This Officially Licensed Marvel Classic Thor Helmet Prop Replica Life Size Limited Edition is available at for $399.99.  This helmet was designed from Thor’s adventures in Journey into Mystery Vol. 1, # 83 when the Marvel superhero made his first appearance in 1962. This metal helmet is full size, and fully wearable. It is constructed of steel and plated in a nickel finish. The lightweight wings are hand painted fiberglass. To fit any head size, this helmet comes with an adjustable liner, as well as an attractive display stand with a nameplate and a hand numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Why Do People Collect Thor Comics and Collectibles?

People are fascinated with classic Thor comics, as well as the history of the classic superhero icon. Thor represents incredible strength, and his affiliation with the gods makes his character even more intriguing. Out of all the superheros, Thor seems to stand out in appearance, with his incredible muscular physique, as well as his unforgettable costume. Those who have been following Thor since his early days have simply grown in affection for this classic superhero, and have an affinity for collecting anything that has to do with this classic and iconic figure.

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The History of Spiderman

Spiderman is a beloved superhero that was created back in the 1960′s, which is based on a character by the name of Peter Parker who took on the persona of Spiderman after some life long struggles and traumatic occurrences. When he was a young boy, his parents perished in a plane crash, and he was then raised by his aunt and uncle, May and Ben. Peter was too young to realize what happened to his parents, and no one ever spoke of their demise. For this reason, Peter assumed that his parents simply left him, which made him even more determined to make his aunt and uncle pleased with his outcome.

Peter was a shy boy, and had a rough time with both his male friends and females alike, who all thought he was strange and wimpy. He was often ridiculed, and never quite fit in. Surprisingly, Peter had less-than-average strength and agility, as well as a fear of heights and a lack of coordination. These were obstacles that he would eventually overcome years later when he became Spiderman.

His Uncle Ben was an avid collector of comic books featuring superheros. For this reason, Peter Parker developed a fascination for these superheroes, and dreamed of one day becoming a masked superhero himself.

Among Peter Parker’s trials and tribulations included a horrific scene where his beloved uncle was murdered in front of him. Peter became repressed, and was angry at himself for taking partial responsibility in his uncle’s death because of his self-absorbance. From that day on, Peter would constantly agonize over what he could have done differently to prevent his uncle’s untimely passing and brutal murder.

After his uncle’s death, Peter vowed to become more than just a clumsy, unpopular member of society. After gaining maturity and confidence over the years, Peter was able to create his alter ego, known as “Spiderman”. This superhero is a little unique, in that he still makes mistakes like any human would, and he is still held under suspicion by many people in authoritative positions.

Dubbed ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman’, this masked man has a joking spirit, and is very relatable, despite his superhero persona. When people begin to suspect that he and Peter Parker are the same person, he is somehow able to trick them into thinking that Peter has nothing to do with Spiderman.

Spiderman’s Superpowers

Among Spiderman’s superpowers include the following:

  • His Spider-Sense
  • Web Crawling
  • Strength and Agility
  • Web Slinging

Spiderman is very relatable, despite his alter ego. People have a sense of appreciation for the trials Peter Parker went through, which can be understood by many. The mystery surrounding Spiderman and his legendary story have been continuously recounted in comics, TV series, in the movies, and in the numerous Internet blogs, which some of the best SEO companies in the business say are among the most popular Super Hero searches and destinations on the Net. It is no wonder that people continue to be fascinated with this ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman’.

Where to Buy Spiderman Comics and Artifacts


This Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) “The Sinister Six” costs $163 at This is the first appearance of the Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and the Vulture) in a 41-page story. There are also cameos by the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Iron Man, Giant Man, and the Wasp. The cover price was once $0.25.



This Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) “Pizzazz Variant” is available at for $16.75. “Pizzazz Variant” has a centerfold subscription offer for “Pizzazz” Magazine. The Green Goblin’s still at it in “Green Grows the Goblin!” The cover price was once $0.35.




This Web Suction Spiderman Vintage Action Figure (Marvel Superheroes) is available at for $12.99. This Marvel Super Heroes Series 1 Spider-Man with web-suction hands is from the 1990 toy series. The specially-designed suction cups allow this figure to truly mimic Spiderman’s amazing crime-fighting wall-crawling!


This Spider-Man Marvel Comics Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign is available at for $13.99. It is constructed with professional quality metal, that has a bit of a distressed look to it, even though they are new. This tin sign measures 12.5″ x 16″.




This Spider-Man Round 2 Classic 1970s Spider-Man Model Kit can be purchased for $29.99 at  It features one of the most recognized superheroes in the world, This amazing model kit is from the late 1970′s, and has returned with this new release from Round 2. Modelers are given the opportunity to create their own dynamic version of Marvel Comics’ fan-favorite wall crawler.

Why Do People Collect Spiderman Comics and Collectibles?

Those who are fascinated with Spiderman and his persona will say that they are captivated by the comic’s dynamic combination of words and pictures, which captured the attention of many young people. He is unique and intriguing, considering his less-than-perfect past, but his amazing ability to be everything that girls seem to want and what men seems to envy is incredible. Spiderman had to learn the hard way about responsibility and accountability. He had to go through many trials and tragedies before becoming the mysterious Spiderman that came to be. This is one of the main reasons why people have been so captivated by his story, and how he overcame adverse situations to become the superhero we all know today.

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Wonder Woman: Superhero and Feminist Icon

Wonder Woman is one of the first feminist icons and female superheros. Her character was created by William Moulton Marston, PhD, who was a psychologist and the inventor of the polygraph. Upon noticing how popular male comic superheros like Superman were with young boys, Dr. Marston wanted to create a female superhero that young girls could look up to as well. Considering his fascination with ancient culture, it is not surprising that Wonder Woman’s origins are tied to ancient Greek mythology. In the early 1940′s, Wonder Woman made her comic debut in All Star Comics, and her popularity since then has remained legendary.

The History of Wonder Woman’s Genealogy

Wonder Woman’s real name is Diana, who was born of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.  Diana was blessed with uncanny superpowers, such as incredible speed, strength and amazing beauty. In later years, it was revealed that Diana is in fact also the daughter of the god Zeus.

The Amazon community lived outside of time in a place called Paradise Island. When Diana was an adult, the Amazons held a “Man’s World” contest, which Diana’s mother forbade her to enter. Despite her mother’s request, Diana decided to enter the contest anyway under disguise, and won. Upon her victory, she was dubbed Wonder Woman, and was later sent all over the world to teach nations the Amazonian mantra of peace. Many times Wonder Woman would have to use the super powers that the gods endowed her with in order to get her message across, as well as to protect those that wanted to practice and continue this Amazonian philosophy of peace.

The Golden Age of Wonder Woman

Although Wonder Woman possessed many super powers, she also had a soft and feminine side to her. A man by the name of Steve Trevor, an intelligence officer with the US Army, crashed his plane on Paradise Island. It is he who Diana followed back to earth, beginning her crusade against evil in all nations. Upon her emergence on earth, Diana became a nurse in the army as her alter ego and disguise.

Diana would often eavesdrop on Steve’s conversations, which is how she would often discover where trouble was for her to resolve. Steve would often suspect that Diana and Wonder Woman were one and the same, considering the fact that he would occasionally catch Diana using her super lasso and tiara.

Wonder Woman would often be the subject of male fantasy, given her exquisite beauty and incredible strength. Often she was depicted as a subject of sexual nature as a result. On the flip side, Wonder Woman has also been known as a female superhero and feminist icon, which makes her character quite unique in that she represents two totally different types of characters.

The pop culture fascination with Wonder Woman among fans across the world and across eras has made her existence quite legendary in comic books, TV series, books, and other venues.

Where to Buy Wonder Woman Comics and Memorabilia


This Wonder Woman Amazon Princess Archives HC Vol. 01 is valued at $59.99, and can be purchased from The wild Wonder Woman adventures from the late 1950′s are collected in full color in a new ARCHIVES series! These archives provide any collector with an amazing full and vivid color comic that can be added to any vintage Wonder Woman comic collection.





This Vintage Wonder Woman Comic Book numbered 270 is available for $11.50 at In this story, I-Ching survives being shot in “Earthquaker!” The cover price of this vintage comic was once $0.15.





If you’re looking for an original piece of memorabilia depicting Wonder Woman, this great Wonder Woman Boxed Ceramic Coffee Mug is the one for you. This mug is available for purchase at at a price of $15.99. It stands 3.5″ high, and 3.25″ in diameter. It comes in a lovely gift box, which would make it a perfect gift for the Wonder Woman enthusiast in your life.




This Wonder Woman Series 1 – Wonder Woman action figure is priced at $89.99 from This action figure is part of an epic selection of toys and collectibles. This character is based on the best-selling Wonder Woman series, and was designed by Terry Dodson.




You can’t get any more old school than this awesome Wonder Woman Vintage Comic Tin Lunch Box for $19.95 at This Wonder Woman vintage comic tin lunch box is a great gift for any DC Comics fan, and features a retro comic book image. You can use this lunch box to store your child’s lunch or snacks for the day, or use it as a keepsake box for all your Wonder Woman memorabilia and items.



Why Do People Collect Wonder Woman Comics and Memorabilia?

The fascination with a goddess-like character like Wonder Woman has sparked the interest of not only young girls who looked up to her strength and beauty, but also of generations of people who borderlined on obsession with this legendary icon. In fact, Wonder Woman is so popular that any search engine optimization company will tell you that trying to keep their comic and SuperHero collectibles clients on top of Google’s search results requires multiple approaches and techniques,  especially Wonder Woman. She is indeed the embodiment of strength, beauty, sexuality and feminism, all in one gorgeous package. The fact that she has become a legend since her creation in the early 1940′s is no surprise, and her legend will live on in the collections of many for years to come.

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The History of Batman

Batman’s origins began long ago when a young lad by the name of Bruce Wayne was walking home from the cinema with his parents. After accidentally stumbling upon “Crime Alley” in Gotham City, Bruce and his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, were confronted by a hoodlum who was looking for trouble. Not only did he rob the family, but he also shot and killed Bruce’s parents, then fled the scene, never to be discovered again. After Bruce watched this horrific scene, he vowed to seek revenge on the people responsible for his parents’ death.

When the police arrived at the scene, an individual by the name of Dr. Leslie Thompkins approached Bruce and decided to help the young boy avoid Social Services. Dr. Thompson and another individual by the name of Alfred Pennyworth took Bruce into their care and helped him develop his alter ego that would eventually help him become a zealot against crime.

As Bruce grew into a young teenager, he went on a global adventure that took him to all parts of the world. In each continent that he visited, Bruce was able to master many specialties, such as criminology, forensics and criminal psychology. In addition, Bruce trained with many professionals and mastered every fighting style he could manage.

Upon returning home from his lengthy and educational journey, Bruce decided to roam the streets as a plain clothed crusader, protecting the public from common thugs that were up to no good. After his first confrontation, Bruce was left beaten and bloody, and barely survived. It was at this point that Bruce decided he needed to approach his crusade a little differently, by first instilling fear in his enemies before taking them down. As Bruce sat in his study at his home, a bat suddenly crashed through his window, which gave Bruce the inspiration he required to develop his superhero persona that would become known as Batman.

Bruce created a top secret headquarters within his home that would help him develop and harness his alter ego ‘Batman’. He created a costume that would protect his identity as he fought villainy in the city of Gotham. It was in these secret headquarters that Bruce became ‘Batman’, the Caped Crusader that would fight crime in Gotham City and protect its citizens. Alfred Pennyworth stayed with Bruce this entire time, offering Bruce advice and tending to his wounds after a night of fighting crime.

Batman Becomes a Legend

As time progressed, the legend of Batman became somewhat of a cautionary tale that sent a message to the evil underworld of Gotham City. Eventually Batman would become friends with Gotham City police officer Captain James Gordon, who appreciated Batman’s efforts to help keep the people of Gotham City safe against the hoodlums that roamed the streets at night looking for trouble. Although Captain Gordon didn’t necessarily approve of Batman’s methods, he did share a common goal of keeping Gotham City safe.

As Batman continued to fight crime in Gotham City, his list of bizarre enemies grew to include the Joker, Two-Face and the Penguin.

Owning a Piece of the Legend

Along with other superhero legends of the past, Batman has remained a constant figure that has warranted fans to want to own a piece of his folk story. As such, items such as comic books, figurines and other artifacts are sold around the world and collected by thousands of fans. Below is a list of places where you can find some of Batman’s memorabilia:

Where to Buy Batman Collectibles


This rare and highly valuable Batman #2 comic book is available for purchase at World Wide Comics for $2,150. This DC Comic book is a Golden Age era comic that is still intact and readable, though the spine has been moderately worn out with some evidence of splits on the end. The comic features the Joker and Catwoman, and is the first issue where she is called ‘Catwoman’. This is definitely a collector’s item.





This Golden Age era Batman #3 comic from DC Comics is available at for $375. This is the 3rd comic to feature Catwoman, and it’s her first time wearing her costume. This vintage comic book is in good condition, but has the logo clipped out, as well as 2 non-Batman pages clipped out. This would make a great addition to any superhero comic book collection



This Vintage Batman and Robin 1966 Button/Pin is available at for $25. This Batman and Robin Pinback Button reads, “CHARTER MEMBER Batman & Robin Society” and depicts the retro cartoon images from the 1960′s Batman TV Series. This is a wonderful piece to add to any collection for any die-hard Batman fan. It’s a great piece of Comic Book and TV History, and adds character to any outfit, bag or memory board.




This DC Direct Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 1: Batman Action Figure can be found at for $59.99. This action figure features sculpts based on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game designs, and comes with accessories taken from the game.





You can find this Batman Pose with Logo Fabric Poster at for $12.99. This is an officially licensed Batman Fabric Poster that is screen printed, 30 inch by 40 inch piece of fabric art. The Batman poster is printed on sheer, soft material for high quality.



Why Do People Collect Batman Memorabilia?

Batman is one of the most recognized and sought-after comic books in the world. Although Batman first came into recognition through the popular comic book series, he has become more and more known through other avenues, such as books, magazines, television series and movies. For those who have always had a passion for collecting comics and other Batman artifacts, there are many online stores that have made these available. One can purchase more recent items, as well as rare vintage items that can have a hefty price tag. Many online auctions are also great places to check out for Batman series collectibles and memorabilia to add to any collection.

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Superman – One of the Original Superheroes

The character and superhero persona of Superman was the brainchild of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster back in the early 1930′s. After approaching numerous publishers, DC Comics finally accepted their idea and began publishing Superman Comics in 1938. From then on, Superman became a huge sensation, spurring numerous comic strips and books, and even a spinoff character, “SuperBoy”.

The Appeal of the “Man of Steel”

Superman possesses some classic superpowers, including incredible strength, the ability to fly, and x-ray vision. Superman’s ability to lift trains, have bullets bounce off his chest, and leap over tall buildings made Superman a quick hit for DC Comics, that later prompted other avenues, such as radio serials, episode series, and even movies a few years later.

Superman’s Geneology

Superman was from the planet Krypton, which exploded from a nuclear chain reaction. Before the planet erupted, Superman’s father, Jor-El, launched Superman – named ‘Kal-El’ – within his gestational chambers before he was born to planet earth in order to save Superman from the destruction of Krypton. As such, Superman was the sole survivor of the explosion of his home planet of Krypton.

After Superman’s descent to planet earth, a couple named Jonathan and Martha Kent from Smallville, Kansas discovered the infant within the vessel that he travelled in. The Kents had no idea that Superman had superpowers at the time, and raised him as a regular boy who they named Clark.

It was only until Clark Kent grew into adolescence that he began to develop his superpowers, which he vowed to use only for the good of the people of earth. Before leaving Smallville, he exposed his superhero secret to his good friend, Lana Lang. Clark would use his superpowers discreetly to help people, without making his powers known to the public. It was only when he was forced to rescue a potential plane crash that his powers were exposed. From that point on, the Kents decided to provide Clark with a costume that would hide his identity, and dub him “Superman”. Clark went on to get a job at a local newspaper, the Daily Planet, where he worked as a reporter. There he meets Lois Lane, who he admires.

Superman represents truth, idealism and justice, and his moral values were instilled in him by his simple parents. Superman is now a legend, and one of the most popular superheroes of all time.

Where to Buy Superman Comics & Other Collectibles

For decades, people have been buying and collecting Superman memorabilia, particular in the form of comic books, among other items. As time has progressed, Superman comics and collectibles have continuously increased in value. Items that have a vintage characteristic can sell for thousands of dollars. Here are a few Superman items that you can find at various locations on the web:


This Adventures of Superman #429 from DC Comics is available for purchase for $40 from World Wide Comics. It is graded the highest graded copy, and is in fantastic condition. This modern age Superman comic can be included in any comic collection.





This “Double Lives!” comic is sold at for $10.50. In this story, the Incredible Hulk meets Superman, telling a fascinating tale of two individuals with superpowers combating against each other. The illustrations are done in a vintage 1950′s style artwork to give this comic a nostalgic feel.




Aside from comic books, there are plenty of other items and collectibles adorning the Man of Steel. Among these are action figures, such as this All Star Series 1: Superman Action Figure. This figurine is based on the artwork of fan-favorite Frank Quitely, and features multiple articulation points and a base. It sells for $34.99 at


This vintage Origins of Superman Wayne Boring Strip (1958) sells for $249.95 at This is an Original 7-13-1958 Superman Full Color Newspaper Strip by Wayne Boring, which has been neatly trimmed from the newspaper and stored for many years. The vivid colors show that it is in excellent condition, making this a unique addition to any Superman collection. This represents the ‘Origin Of Superman’ where Baby Kal-El is launched to the planet Earth.


This Superman and the Mole Men Poster, measuring 24″x36″, is available at for $24.99. The illustrations on this poster are a reproduction of the original Superman and the Mole Men 1 sheet poster. The original of such a poster is worth thousands of dollars, so this is the next best thing at a fraction of the price!

Why Buy Superman Collectibles?

Buying and collecting Superman memorabilia essentially allows a collector to buy a piece of history. Although comics are the more popular type of Superman collectible to buy and add to a superhero collection, there are many other items available for purchase, such as figurines, posters, newspaper clippings, keychains, videos, and so forth. Of course, the older and more rare an item is, the more you can expect to pay.

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